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Selected Academic Publications

News Analysis, Blogs, etc.

"Words Matter:Trump Bears a Responsibility for El Paso," The Guardian. 10 August 2019.

“Normalization: Practices Matter,” Open for Debate, U. Cardiff, Wales, UK. 23 Sept 2019.  

Can Speech Kill?Philosophy Talk, interview, December 10, 2017. KALW radio, Palo Alto, CA.

On Toxic Speech: Lynne Tirrell’s Night of Philosophy’” The APA Blog, 23 February 2017.

In Memoriam: Annette Baier,” NewAPPS, invited guest post, 5 November 2012.

Limbaugh Can’t Stop Insulting Women, Even When Pretending to be Contrite, AlterNet, March 5, 2012.

Focusing Through Tears: What Gov. Sanford Said,” National Public Radio. June 26, 2009. Invited.

“On Forgiveness” in The Viewer’s Guide to“Family Affair”, a film by Chico Colvard. (C-line films, 2010). Invited.  Available from

Media about my work, not by me:

"Our Toxic Speech Epidemic", by Patricia J. Williams, The Nation, April 2019. 

"Dopey, Dumb, and Bozo: the language of Trump and why it matters." by Susan Campbell, The Hartford Courant. August 2019.  and

In Memorium:

Sandra Lee Bartky. 1935-2016. Presented to the American Philosophical Association Central Division, March 2017. Forthcoming in the APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy, 2017.  doc

Claudia Falconer Card. 1940-2015.  Gottlieb, Paula and Tirrell, Lynne (2015) "Remembering Claudia Card: Two Tributes," (individually authored) Feminist Philosophy Quarterly: Vol. 1: Iss. 2, Article 5. Available at:

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